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We’re Back! And Now We’re Off Again!

Wednesday, October 6th, 2010 by virginia

We got back from Peru on Sunday morning and overall it was a really amazing trip. Machu Picchu was absolutely the highlight, and I’m proud to report that Josh and I climbed to the tippy top of Huayna Picchu. That’s the mountain sticking up right behind Machu Picchu in all those postcard shots you see. The mountain looks really huge and daunting, but it actually wasn’t too bad. Steep, yes, but not too many sheer cliff drop-offs along the path.

It did get a bit hairy at the top though, where it was just large flat rocks that sloped downward, and if you slipped off them you definitely had a long way to fall. It was absolutely an exhilarating experience though, and I’d do the climb again in a heartbeat. We took plenty of pics along the trail and at the top, which I’ll have to post.

Sorry for the lack of communication the last week we were away, no internet access. This week has been hectic between work and prior obligations. Tomorrow we’re off again, heading to San Francisco for our friend Alex’s wedding. We’ll be there for the weekend and then we’ll be taking the redeye home on Sunday night, just in time to get to work on Monday. Yikes! I really just need sleep, since we woke up between 4-6 am every day on our vacation. The day we climbed Huayna Picchu I got up at 3:30. Oh well, it was totally worth it!

I promise to start picking up posting regularly again soon. Please stay tuned!