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CSA Week #11

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010 by virginia

We got a note from the farm this week apologizing for some of the spoiled produce we’ve been seeing, and explaining that the cause is the weather. I understand the difficulties that they’re dealing with, it just pains me to have to throw food away but I’m sure it pains the farmers even more.

We had another week of heavy produce, and this time it was Josh who had to carry it all home by himself. This week our vegetable share contents included:

Tomatoes – 3 lbs
Melon – 1 each
Napa Cabbage – 1 each
Greens – 1/2 lb
Squash – 2 lbs
Carrots – 1/3 lb
Cucumbers – 2 lbs
Corn – 2 ears
Beets – 1 lb

Heirloom tomatoes, beets, greens, napa cabbage, squash, carrots, corn, cucumbers, melon on top

The tomatoes were much better this week, and Josh found three huge heirlooms that look juicy and ripe. For the greens, he picked up some swiss chard with yellow stems this time instead of the red stems. He also picked up a different kind of squash that is big and round, with bright yellow skin and green trim on the edges.

The fruit this week also looked MUCH better, and I was really happy with what we got. The fruit share contents included:

Nectarines – 3 1/2 lbs
Peaches – 3 1/2 lbs

Nectarines and peaches

These also look sweet and juicy, and only one peach was spoiled out of the whole bunch. We’ll have to eat these quickly though as they’re super ripe. I’ll have to look into some peach dessert recipes. Cobbler perhaps?

Vegas Day 1 – Studio Cafe

Friday, June 5th, 2009 by virginia


I flew out late Thursday night after work so I didn’t arrive in Vegas until nearly midnight (3 am eastern time). The flight out was tiring, as it was full of college-aged kids already in party mode who couldn’t wait until drink service so that they could buy ridiculous quantities of beer/wine from the flight attendants. Needless to say, I didn’t get much rest on the flight, so for a late dinner (since they don’t serve food on the plane these days) I just grabbed a quick club sandwich from the Studio Cafe in the MGM Grand Casino to take back to our room.

I was too tired to think clearly and forgot to take a picture of it, but it definitely was the strangest club sandwich I’ve ever seen. It had the standard turkey/ham/bacon/cheese combo, along with nonstandard alfalfa sprouts and half an avocado (not slices, literally half an avocado), and it was a triple-decker, but it was on a roll, not on toast or bread, and it wasn’t cut into quarters. So basically it looked like a Big Mac, but with club ingredients. Regardless, I was starving and scarfed it down, along with the accompanying fries.

The next morning, since it was Friday, Josh still had to go to work so I dragged myself out of bed and accompanied him to breakfast, also at the Studio Cafe. I wasn’t too hungry so I decided to be adventurous and order an omelet called the Quiche Lorraine, which had tons of fillings, including the standard onions, bacon and cheese found in a typical quiche lorraine. The waitress made a point to ask me if I was sure that I knew it was omelet, not actually a quiche, so I guess a lot of people have been confused by that before. When it arrived, I couldn’t believe how enormous it was.

"Quiche Lorraine" omelet

"Quiche Lorraine" omelet

The eggs were wrapped around the fillings, not mixed in, so it was kind of like eating a giant crepe made from scrambled eggs. There was also an onion mixture on top that tasted like Lipton’s French onion soup dip. It was pretty interesting, but a lot to handle after only getting a few hours of sleep. It was very rich and I could only get through about a third of it. The hash browns were fantastic though, a compressed cake of super crispy and hot shredded potatoes.

Omelet innards

Omelet innards

I think Josh was sick of eating at the same breakfast place every day for the last two weeks so he just went with a plain waffle that came with strawberry cream on the side. Good, but boring. He didn’t even want to try a bite of my omelet. Poor boy, I guess one can get sick of eating out all the time? I don’t get to go on business trips so I’ll never know!

Waffle with strawberry cream on the side

Waffle with strawberry cream on the side

Overall the Studio Cafe is a good place to get a quick snack while you’re at the casino, but it is by no means a dining destination in Vegas.

Studio Cafe
At the MGM Grand
Las Vegas, NV