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We’re Back! Sorry for the Lack of Updates…

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011 by virginia

We did have internet access some of the time during our European vacation but to be perfectly honest, I was feeling lazy. It was nice to take a two week break from everything. Don’t worry, we took lots of pics and I kept detailed notes of every single meal we had.

Every city we went to was so different and special in its own way. We loved the beauty of Prague, the historical parts of Bratislava, the hustle and bustle of Budapest, the quaint feel of Zagreb, the impressive walled city of Dubrovnik, and the stunning sea views on the coast of Croatia. We really lucked out with the weather and had gorgeous sunny days the entire trip.

Food-wise, there was a lot of overlap in terms of the style of dishes. Goulash, schnitzel, and chicken paprika were on a lot of the menus we saw in multiple countries, though we did try to mix things up as best as we could. Our favorite meal was in Bratislava, but honestly, most of the food on our trip was very tasty.  We didn’t really go to fancy places, preferring local homestyle restaurants or bustling beer halls. While beer was dirt cheap (half liter mugs averaged about US$2 in all the cities we visited), the food was pricier than I expected, though still inexpensive by NYC standards.

We had an absolute blast on our trip, and surprisingly, we did our best to take it easy. Our days were only hectic because of the shorter daylight period (sunset was around 4 pm), but every night we relaxed, wandered, and enjoyed hearty meals with lots of food and drink. Hopefully it won’t take me too long to post about it!

Two Fat Bellies Hit the Road – Central European Vacation

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011 by virginia

Josh and I are leaving soon for a journey through parts of eastern central Europe. We’ll be hitting up Prague, Budapest, Bratislava, and Croatia, with lots of good eating and drinking along the way (I hope!). This was sort of an impromptu vacation for us, as we were originally supposed to go to Portugal, Spain, and Amsterdam over the summer. That trip was unfortunately cancelled, and we started planning an African Safari instead. Those plans were put on hold when there was potentially an opportunity for us to move to Argentina for a few months. Even more sadly, that move fell through.

And so here we were, trying to figure out what to do with our remaining vacation days. We tossed around a bunch of ideas, like a skiing/eating trip to Andorra/Basque country, or a culinary adventure through Vietnam and Cambodia, among others. As always, food was a big part of our thinking. Ultimately we decided to take advantage of the still relatively cheap offerings of eastern Europe, where we plan on drinking lots of quality beer and eating lots of potentially fattening foods.

We’re trying not to jam too many things into our trip, although it’s hard for us to do vacations at a leisurely pace. Nevertheless, we hope to have internet access during our journey and will try to post a few updates along the way.