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Minty Mojitos

Monday, June 28th, 2010 by virginia

Minty mint

So what do you do with a third of a pound of mint? That’s the dilemma we faced when we got our first CSA share. Josh and I like mint but don’t really cook with it too often, plus we still have our mint plant from last year that is surprisingly still alive and producing leaves. We decided to go with the more obvious route and made a few batches of minty mojitos.

To make a mojito, muddle together a handful of mint leaves, a teaspoon of sugar, and the juice of half a lime. Really squish it all together for about a minute to extract every last bit of flavor. Add rum into the container where you’ve been muddling the other ingredients and swirl it around a bit. We like two shots per drink. Pour it all into a cocktail mixer with ice. Shake well, pour into glasses filled with ice, top off with club soda, garnish, and serve.

Lime mojitos

We also made mojitos with lemons (are they still considered to be mojitos?) when we accidentally ran out of limes. Mint lemonade is a classic summer drink, and adding rum into the mix only made it better. Vodka would probably do the trick as well.

Lemon mojitos

The mint really works well with the citrus, and you can boost up the flavor even more with citrus-flavored rum. The amount of rum/sugar/club soda can vary between personal tastes, but adding a lot of fresh mint leaves really brightens up the drink. It’s perfect for these hot summer days!